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AngularJs – Modal popup with custom style

  Modal popups based on AngularJs is having predefined styles associated with it. If you want to customize the modal popup style, we can use the windowClass option available as part of the modal’s open method.Follow the steps to define … Continue reading

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AngularJS – Integrate aspx page from other project inside html document

Requirement Our requirement is to reuse few of the complex screens designed in aspx as part of our new web application, which is on HTML5/CSS3. Solution 1. Include the angular router library (angular-ui-router.min.js) to the html page 2. Specify the … Continue reading

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AngularJS – Dynamic HTML in AngularJS Modal Popup

AngularJS is the JavaScript library from Google for client side development. We will be discussing various issues and resolutions related to AngularJS in a series of blogposts Requirement: How to embed dynamic html content in AngularJS’s modal popup Solution 1. Include … Continue reading

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HTML5 Basics

With the advent of client side technologies and the improvements in browser features built a new paradigm for the modern web applications. The basic of any new web application which is cross-platform with multi-device support is HTML5. HTML5 define the … Continue reading

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Online Mobile Theme Builder

Usage of mobiles increasing rapidly day by day, which in turn increase the demand for Mobile application development. Recent client side technology improvements got lot of attention to HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery based solutions. jQuery is offering a great online … Continue reading

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