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  1. Deepak says:

    Hello Ambily,
    I want get a copy of the “Customizing Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5:Unified and Scalable Application Development” in PDF or readable format and also if you have any examples I would like to download them. Can suggest how?

    • ambilykk says:

      Hi Deepak
      I will share the PDF version of my book over the weekend; please send me a review from your end; which will help me to improve my authoring.


      • Juan Coronado says:

        Hi Ambily, i bought the book for kindle but i need a pdf version, can you kindly share with me?
        Thank you.

  2. Hi ,
    Is there any way to data generation using VS 2013 ?
    “” this option not avilable in VS 2013. please help

    • ambilykk says:

      Hi Sonith

      Data generation option is not available in VS 2012/2013.
      You may need to check for any community update for the same or Visual Studio extensions for the same.


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