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Performance Test using Visual Studio

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16 Responses to My Articles

  1. ayub says:

    Hi Ambily kk
    I am ayub i am .net developer i want full detail sabout Dynnamic data

  2. ayub says:

    Hi Ambily kk
    I am ayub i am .net developer i have 1 yer exp in web application can i lern Dynami data i want full detail about Dynnamic data could you plez.. provi detils

  3. satish says:

    Hi Ambika,

    Need the document on performance testing for result analysis.


  4. altan says:

    Hi Ambily
    my name is Altan,i live in turkey and i am junior a software tester..i am using Visual Studio Ultimate 2011 with Web Performance Testing.i have a question;How can i use with C# code Web Peformance Testing?i want write with code..

    • ambilykk says:


      After recording the web test, please select the generate code option to generate the c# code and do the appropriate code changes.


  5. sravan says:

    Hi Ambilykk.

    Can you please provide the details about the web performance result analysis. How are analyze the result to check whether the give web test is pass or failed. Am unable to analyze the graphs which we get after the running the web test using vsts 2010.quick response is highly appriciate…thanks in advance…

    • ambilykk says:

      Hi Sravan

      Result analysis can not be explained in one document.
      Please refer the Scalenet.pdf from Microsoft; you can download the same from microsoft site.


  6. Mano says:

    Hi Ambily,

    This is Mano.I am a .NET beginner.
    I want to learn ASP.NET,VB.NET,silverlight,WPF,WCF and C#.
    Could you tell me the best tutorial site for learning with example. Kindly send .NET material to my mail id.

    Thanks & Regards

  7. Hi! ambily today i saw ur blogs & articles ur articles is very much clear and simple…
    Thanks for uploading.. it is very useful for us….

  8. Mohammed rafi says:

    HI Ambika

    My name is mohammed rafi , im new to MVC 3 , can u please tell me how to pass a value from a view to controller

  9. Mad says:

    Hi AmbilyKK,

    Can you please tell me, how to write Entity framwork queries that can be reused.

    Below is the method

    public static bool GetUserDetails(string InputValue, out string EmailId, out int PwdChangeStatus,out string Password, out string onetimepassword,int mode)
    EmailId = null; PwdChangeStatus = 0; Password = null; onetimepassword = null;
    using (Entities db = new Entities())
    if (mode == 1)
    var query = (from Users in db.Users
    where Users.UserName == InputValue
    select new
    EmlId = Users.EmailId,
    PwdChngStus = Users.PasswordChangeStatus,
    Pass = Users.password,
    onetimepass = Users.onetimepassword

    foreach (var sName in query)
    EmailId = sName.EmlId;
    PwdChangeStatus = (int)sName.PwdChngStus;
    Password = sName.Pass;
    onetimepassword = sName.onetimepass;
    else if(mode == 2) // From Change Password Screen, Here UserName input Value is EmailId
    var query = (from Users in db.Users
    where Users.EmailId == InputValue
    select new
    onetimepass = Users.onetimepassword

    foreach (var sName in query)
    onetimepassword = sName.onetimepass;

    return false;
    return true;

    1. How can i declare and initialize var query , so that i can reuse.
    2. If i reuse this method, i should get different parameters not like one mode has onetimepassword and other one all fields

  10. Schnuki says:

    Thank you so much for your article “VBA – Digital certificat issue” (

    I would have been definitely unable to solve this issue without your help.

    Best regards.

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