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Opportunity Tracker

Opportunity Tracker is a desktop application, which will be available in the Tablet of the Sales person, who will be travelling and meeting various clients. This article is an entry in our AppInnovation Contest.

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WPF – Merging GridView Columns

Requirement: We have a ListView with GridView control as View. When we select a particular row, we need to display a textbox merging more than one column of the selected row. Solution: <ListView Name=”categoryList”  SelectionMode=”Single” Height=”350″ FontFamily=”Segoe UI” Margin=”49,79,12,0″ IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem=”True”> … Continue reading

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“Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7” product has reported the following error: Please refer to ConfigDetails.htm document

We have recently came across the requirement for installing WPF Profiler in one of our Windows Server 2008 R2. We have downloaded the installer from anf tried to install the same. We received the exception “Installation of the “Microsoft Windows … Continue reading

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WPF Adorner

WPF added lot of flexibility and usability to the client application development. There are lots of features in WPF for enhancing the usability aspects of a client application. One of the interesting and very useful features is the WPF adorner. … Continue reading

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WPF – equivalent of Application.Exit

For exiting a windows Application, the command isApplication.Exit(); For exiting a WPF application, the command isApplication.Current.Shutdown();

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