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WF4: ActivityDesigner – How to use WPF custom control in Activity Designer

1. Define the WPF custom control. 2. Refer the Current namespace in activityDesigner 3. Refer the Custom Control from Xaml <sap:ActivityDesigner x:Class=”WF4ActivityDesignerLibrary.ActivityDesigner.CustomControlDesigner” xmlns=”; xmlns:x=”; xmlns:sap=”clr-namespace:System.Activities.Presentation;assembly=System.Activities.Presentation” xmlns:sapv=”clr-namespace:System.Activities.Presentation.View;assembly=System.Activities.Presentation” xmlns:local =”clr-namespace:WF4ActivityDesignerLibrary” mc:Ignorable=”d” xmlns:d=”; xmlns:mc=”; d:DesignHeight=”67″ d:DesignWidth=”204″> Note: you can fire the events associated … Continue reading

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WF4: ActivityDesigner – Container Activity designer

For designing a container designer like one where you can drag another activity, use the following code

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WF4: Activity Designer – Icon

Change the ActivityDesigner Icon using

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WF 4 – Custom Event handler Activity

In WF4, we can use either Bookmarks or Send/Receive Activities for event handling.Following example shows how to create a custom eventhandler using BookMark. public class FinishOrder : NativeActivity{protected override bool CanInduceIdle{get{return true;}} protected override void Execute(NativeActivityContext context){context.CreateBookmark(“FinishOrder”);}}

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