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Debugger Canvas

User experience for stepping through code in the debugger in Visual Studio Ultimate. It displays the code of each of the methods you step into on a canvas with call lines between them, helping you keep track of the bigger … Continue reading

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Visual Studio LightSwitch

Develop an Application in Lighting speed with no deployment constraints. Microsoft launched the Beta version of a new amazing product in the visual studio family of products- the Visual Studio LightSwitch. Visual studio LightSwitch redefined the way we develop an … Continue reading

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Accessing TFS 2010 from Visual Studio 2008

CodeProjectMost of our project may be in Visual Studio 2008. But due to the new features introduced in TFS 2010, we may force to move to TFS 2010 with VS 2008 projects. Here, the major issue comes, how to access … Continue reading

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Productivity Power Tools

I just installed the productivity power tools from Productivity power tools are set of extensions to improve the usability of visual studio designer. One of the major extension is the all new Add Reference with multi-targeting. Excellent way to … Continue reading

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Feature Builder – Custom Visual Studio Menu Item

Visual Studio 2010 supports the extensibility of the IDE. We can develop our own extensions for VSTS 2010 and also a set of very useful extensions are available online. In this article, we will discuss about one of the extensions … Continue reading

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