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10K Apart – Challenge for a UI Designer

By surfing some Microsoft technologies, I come across the 10K Apart challenge by Event apart team and Microsoft. I heard about the 5K Apart earlier, where the challenge was to develop a complete web application with max size of 5KB. … Continue reading

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Modernizr and Polyfilling

Recently I have come across a question about the HTML5 feature support by different browsers. How you make sure that the application render properly in non-supporting browsers? Answer for above question is the proper usage of Modernizr and Polyfilling. Polifill … Continue reading

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Responsive Design Testing – BrowserStack

Are you developing a web application based on RWD or responsive web design? How you are planning to test the same across multiple devices? RWD based web applications needs to be tested across different browsers and devices. We may able … Continue reading

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AngularJs 2.0 – Breaking Changes

AngularJs is one of the widely used JavaScript framework based on MVC pattern. Currently we have AngularJs version 1.3 with lot of great features and adopted very well in the technology world. But, AngularJs team is working on a new … Continue reading

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AngularJs – Extracting Querystring

We are discussing about different implementations using AngularJs in previous blogs. Today, let us see how we can access the data from querystring using AngularJs. AngularJs is based on MVC pattern and all requests reach the controller first. We need … Continue reading

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