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Absolute Path from Relative Path

We have an extended property to get the path of the config file. User can enter either the absolute path of the config file or a relative path. Relative path can be just the file name indicating in the current project or … Continue reading

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EnvDTE Current Directory

Most of the time, we may be adding few extenders to our windows application to deal with various requirements. One of our requirement is to get the current directory path to the extender and display the extended property value accordingly. … Continue reading

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Find the Current UserControl’s Assembly Name?

We have a requirement to find the current user control’s project name at design time.  We used the EnvDTE to find the project name as DTE dte = this.GetService(typeof(EnvDTE.DTE)) as EnvDTE.DTE;             if (dte == null)                 return null;             … Continue reading

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