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Azure Notebooks – Great tool

Great tool from Microsoft. Read the book and practice directly from your browser. No setup hurdles, no download issues, and so on. Many books related to Python, R and Data Science are available now. Add new skills to your expertise … Continue reading

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Dialogue with Visual Studio – Performance Testing

Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment from Microsoft. This IDE provides features and tools to manage all phases of software life cycle. When it comes to performance of an application, most of the time we look outside for help … Continue reading

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My Book status – 10-Jan-2016

I have been writing few books, capturing my experience on various technologies, for a while. March 2014, I have started my endeavor to express my knowledge through books.┬áIt was really a challenge to take such a step to publish books … Continue reading

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Exports Patterns in node.js

Let us discuss some of the export patterns used in node. Common export patterns observed are: Exports a Namespace Exports a Function Exports a Constructor Exports a Namespace Module.exports is used to define the end point for accessing the module … Continue reading

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Beginning Web Application Development With Node

I have start writing a new book on Node.js, one of the powerful JavaScript framework for modern web development. I am following the Lean publishing, where the book content will be delivered in parts and reader feedbacks will be incorporated … Continue reading

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