10K Apart – Challenge for a UI Designer

By surfing some Microsoft technologies, I come across the 10K Apart challenge by Event apart team and Microsoft. I heard about the 5K Apart earlier, where the challenge was to develop a complete web application with max size of 5KB. No!!  Yes, for me also a big NO; no way we can have a web application within 5KB size limit.

But, this time the rule changed a little bit. Each page size can be 10KB and also can have server side components. This looked little interesting and on top that they talked about a new experience on Progressive development. I am not a UI designer and the challenge is not looks for me too. But the challenge in having a web page within 10kb looks interesting.

So, I start a web application using the Cognitive services. Initially, it turned out to be more than 200KB J

Now, removed all images and fine-tuned the application to fit within 10kb. In the cause of development, learned lot of UI concepts, which should be followed by the designers to define optimized web interface. I have published two solutions for the 10KB Apart challenge, which is open for public voting.


Image Reader

Image Reader is a free web-based Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) that allows you to extract text from online images and uploaded image files and mobile camera captured images. Capture the image of an address in a board, sales offering in a bill board, pass the URL of your favorite motivational quote, upload scanned business card and extract the information in one click.

VOTE for the same at  https://a-k-apart.com/gallery/Image-Reader


Another 10K Apart project, Mirror. Mirror is based on Microsoft Cognitive services. Upload an image file or capture a snap of you using your Mobile camera, Mirror will reflect your age and emotions. If you think, your image is not reflecting what you think, share your thoughts, Mirror will analyze your words and identify your positive and negative emotions.

VOTE for the same at https://a-k-apart.com/gallery/Mirror

About ambilykk

I am a Technology Evangelist on Microsoft Technologies. I am carrying the passion on Microsoft technologies specifically on web technologies such as ASP .Net and Ajax. My interests also include Azure and Visual Studio. Technology adoption and learning is my key strength and technology sharing is my passion.
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