Visual Studio 2015 and TFS 2015 RC2 Launch

Visual Studio 2015 and TFS 2015 RC2 released on 20th July. The theme of the new product is ‘Choice’. As a developer, you can choose your programming language, your platform, and targeted device. You can choose to perform various tasks using integrated open source tools like JSLint. Build your code using your choice of steps and tools including Ant, Cheff, MS Build, and so on.

It was a great moment in listening to the product team and the demos showed by core team including Scott Hanselman. He created an ASP.NET web application in Windows; published the same to a USB drive. Plugged the USB to a Mac system and using DNX(.NET Execution Environment), packed as part of the new ASP.NET 4.6 application, deployed the same in Mac and run the web application. He open the solution in Mac using the new Visual Studio Code and edited.

Team demonstrated the great improvements and tool supports for debugging and performance monitoring. One of the demo is a remote debugging of a mobile application running on a device from Visual Studio running in laptop.

Another great improvement is Analyzers, small code snippet run behind while coding. It analyze the code and provide suggestions on the fly. Moreover, it provides the code blocks to fix the compilation issues.

Brian demonstrated DevOps implementation internally in Visual Studio team. Build system re-architecture   address many new build systems and tasks. Build system management features including version control of build definition added to Web access.

Many new features and tools released as part of VS 2015 and TFS 2015 RC2 release. Some of the features are

  • DNX – .NET Execution Environment to run the .NET application in any platform
  • New build system
  • Analyzers – Code time compilation issue detector
  • Debugging improvements
  • Performance monitoring tool improvements
  • Quick integration with open source packages
  • IntelliTest – Unit test framework analyze the solution and provide an exhausted set of input values and unit teste generation for future purpose
  • Cordova – New Javascript based Mobile application development platforms
  • Mobile Emulators – great emulators including beta support for Apple smart watch


Will post more on each of the new features soon

About ambilykk

I am a Technology Evangelist on Microsoft Technologies. I am carrying the passion on Microsoft technologies specifically on web technologies such as ASP .Net and Ajax. My interests also include Azure and Visual Studio. Technology adoption and learning is my key strength and technology sharing is my passion.
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