New developments in Client Side Technologies

Enormous developments in the client side technology areas. Today the modern browser is not for rendering the html tags provided by the server. It is more like a mini OS, which process the requests and take intelligent decisions depends on user inputs. Understanding different client technologies and reuse the same is very important for any web developers.

There is many reusable client technologies and many more are getting added every day. I am listing few client technologies, which I have used and felt useful

  1. HTML5/CSS3 – Rich UI design

2. Twitter Bootstrap – build on top of HTML5 and jQuery. Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Bootstrap works in PC, tablet and smartphone browsers via responsive CSS

3. Bootsnipp – online library for Bootstrap snippets. Contains online Button Builder to build interactive buttons.Contains online Form Builder IDE for quick form development

4. jQuery – feature rich javascript library used for HTML document manipulation, client event handling, animation, ajax calls, etc.     jQuery Tutorials –

5. AngularJS – Another widely used javascript library for Client side MVC pattern implementation

6. Knockout – Another javascript library based on  client side MVVM pattern and used by Single Page Application development

7. Karma – Test runner for Javascript. Karma has primarily been designed for low level (unit) testing

8. Node.js – build on Chrome’s javascript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applications

About ambilykk

I am a Technology Evangelist on Microsoft Technologies. I am carrying the passion on Microsoft technologies specifically on web technologies such as ASP .Net and Ajax. My interests also include Azure and Visual Studio. Technology adoption and learning is my key strength and technology sharing is my passion.
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  1. Moyeen says:

    Good consolidated list, could have added few advantages and disadvantages against each.

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