Twitter Bootstrap for UI

Twitter Bootstrap for UI is to develop sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Bootstrap works in PC, tablet and smartphone browsers via responsive CSS. Bootstrap for UI developed on top of HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery.

Main building blocks available with bootstrap is Components, Javascript extensions and Scaffolding.


Bootstrap supports dozens of built-in responsive components. Few of the built-in components available are
• Dropdowns
• Button groups
• Button dropdowns
• Navs
• Navbar
• Breadcrumbs
• Pagination
• Labels & badges
• Typography
• Thumbnails
• Alerts
• Progress bars
• Media Objects


Bootstrap added lot of jQuery plugins and currently available 13 custom jQuery plugins listed down
• Transitions
• Modal
• Dropdown
• Scrollspy
• Tab
• ToolTip
• Popover
• Alert
• Button
• Collapse
• Carousel
• Typeahead
• Affix


Bootstrap is built on responsive 12-column grids, layouts, and components
• Grid System
• Fluid grid System
• Layouts


Bootsnipp defines the design elements and code snippets for Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS framework. Community developed code snippets help the developers to design intuitive web pages faster and reuse the great designs.

Button builder ( in bootsnipp helps designing great bootstrap buttons with different size, color, icons and so on.


Bootstrap can be downloaded from
It can be downloaded from GitHub

We can customize the bootstrap download by specifying required components, styles, font specifications and so on at

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