All-In-One Code Framework


  • o   Are you frustrated by the lack of code samples for a certain programming task?
  • o   Have you ever struggled to quickly get started with a technique?
  • o   Have you expected someone to write code samples for you based on your requests for free?
  • o   Is a one-stop code sample library for all Microsoft development technologies attractive to you?


If your answer is YES to any of these questions, the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is for you!

A new release of Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is available on June 19th. We expect that its 14 new code samples would reduce developers’ efforts in solving the many of the typical programming tasks.

New Code Samples Include

1.New Windows Azure Code Samples

2.New Windows Driver Kit (WDK) Code Samples

3.New Windows General Code Samples

4.New Windows Workflow Foundation Code Sample


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About ambilykk

I am a Technology Evangelist on Microsoft Technologies. I am carrying the passion on Microsoft technologies specifically on web technologies such as ASP .Net and Ajax. My interests also include Azure and Visual Studio. Technology adoption and learning is my key strength and technology sharing is my passion.
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  1. Sugel says:

    ……….Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is updated on 2010-10-10… ..Download address .. ..If it s the first time that you hear about Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework please read the introduction on our homepage and this Port25 article . .. ..Windows Shell Extension New Samples……In we gave an introduction of writing Windows Shell extension in .NET Framework 4 and demonstrated a skeleton Context Menu Handler. In this release you can find the code samples of Windows Shell drag-and-drop handlers.

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