Visual Studio LightSwitch

Develop an Application in Lighting speed with no deployment constraints.

Microsoft launched the Beta version of a new amazing product in the visual studio family of products- the Visual Studio LightSwitch. Visual studio LightSwitch redefined the way we develop an application. In traditional software development, before starting the application, we decide many factors like the data store, the deployment environment, how to access external data, how to authenticate, etc. But, when you use the LightSwitch for developing your new application, you need to take only one decision, which language you are going to use. You can develop an application which can be hosted as a cloud application as well as Windows application. You may be thinking that how the windows application features will suit for a cloud based application. Don’t worry, LightSwitch will take care of the transformations. If a feature is suitable only for windows, it will turn off the feature in Web.

LightSwitch applications are flexible enough to support extensions for templates, data sources, shells, themes, business data types and custom controls. You can also attach your application to existing data sources, which makes it easy to collect, analyse, and reuse information from a variety of data sources including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Azure, SharePoint, Microsoft Office Access (post-Beta), and other third-party data sources.

You can download the LightSwitch Beta from

LightSwitch Training kit

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  1. Beth Massi says:

    Also there’s a lot more training info, community links and samples here on the Developer Center:


  2. sreedhara says:

    Hi I am sreedhar and I would like to contact you to clear some doubts on MVC 3…on controller actions. pls let me know what is the best way to contact you. thanks my id is

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