PropertyValueEditor with Slider

Here, we will create a new PropertyValueEditor, which will allow us to slide the slider to chnage the property value. If your property is a double type with specified minimum and maximum boundaries, we can use the slider propertyvalueeditor for easy access of the property.

In my custom activity, I have the RepeatCount property, where I used the Slider Property Value Editor.

 Bound the PropertyValueEditor to the Property

[Editor(typeof(PropertyEditors.CustomSliderPropertyValueEditor), typeof(ExtendedPropertyValueEditor))]

public double RepeatCount { get; set; }

 Custom Slider PropertyValueEditor Code:


public class CustomSliderPropertyValueEditor: PropertyValueEditor



public CustomSliderPropertyValueEditor() (); 

{DataTemplate customTemplate= new DataTemplate 

FrameworkElementFactory stack = new FrameworkElementFactory(typeof(StackPanel ));  

FrameworkElementFactory slider = new FrameworkElementFactory(typeof(Slider ));   

Binding sliderBinding = new Binding(“Value” );

sliderBinding.Mode =BindingMode .TwoWay;

slider.SetValue(Slider .MinimumProperty, 0.0);

slider.SetValue(Slider .MaximumProperty, 100.0);

slider.SetValue(Slider .ValueProperty, sliderBinding);


FrameworkElementFactory textb = new FrameworkElementFactory(typeof(TextBox )); 

Binding textBinding = new Binding(“Value” );

textb.SetValue(TextBox .TextProperty, textBinding);

textb.SetValue(TextBox.IsEnabledProperty, false );  


this .InlineEditorTemplate = customTemplate;  

this .InlineEditorTemplate.VisualTree = stack; }


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